About Us

Plumplanet Ltd have enjoyed wonderful success since 1994 providing Support and Training in relation to PCs, Laptops and Macs. There are so many wonderful aspects to learn with computing but often people are unaware of this technology's full potential. When we visit a Home or Small buiness, we know we can take away the fear factor of technology phobia's and reluctance to learn after what, may be a long break from a learning environment.


The Training and support we offer is with patient and mature trainers all working under the umbrella of Plumplanet Ltd applying tried and tested techniques. The pace at which a client works is dicatated by them, the content of a tutorial is created in partnership with the client. Effective learning is the key, however it is also important to undertand why when things go wrong, how you put them right, how you can be in control.


Plumplanet Ltd work with health care professionals, retired people, small businesses, OBE's, MBE's, MP's, Leaders of councils, all of whom are happy to talk to any prosective clients who are thinking about leaping into the 21st century.


Plumplanet also offer the one stop shop approach by finding the right computer to purchase, set the system up with everything including broadband. We will also upgrade, troubleshoot and fix older computers.


In any one day we can be working with Windows, Vista or 7, 8 or 10. Excel 2003, 7, 10, 13, Word 2003, 7, 10, 13. Skype, Digital Photography, Safari, IE7,8,9,10 & 11, Chrome, Firefox  Ipads, Ipods, kindles, databases, Graphics.


It's a fantastic job because technology changes every day and the clients who see us look forward to their meetings with us. Job satisfaction is unbelievably excellent and flexibility in hours  is unbeatable. Sounds too good to be True,  Read on..........and find out what an excellent franchise opportunity this is.......


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